Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the Professional range and the Curriculum range?

Each manual in the Professional range is designed to teach you about a particular software package such as Word, Excel or MYOB. It tells you what you need to know about using the product in an office environment.

The Curriculum range covers the topics for a unit of competency in the relevant Training Package such as BSB01. It teaches the students what they need to know when studying this unit at a college or RTO.

What do you mean by “Part 1”, “Part 2” and “Full course”?

In the Professional range, we write most manuals for a two-day full-time training class. For a two-day class you would buy the “full course” manual.

We write the manuals so you can run just the first day (“Part 1”) or the second day (“Part 2”) by itself. In other words, you can buy just “Part 1” or just “Part 2” rather than the full “two-day” manual.

What if I am not running all-day classes?

Many people use our manuals for other formats such as half-day classes, evening classes or classes that run over an entire term with just a couple of hours per week.

Other people use the manuals for self-paced training, flexible delivery or as a reference resource.

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