Exercise files


For each book, there is a set of exercise files.

You can download these files from this web site by clicking on the links below.

The file you download contains the individual exercise files in  compressed format. After you transfer the downloaded file to your PC, you run an installation wizard to put the individual files in a  folder on your PC.

The default folder is My Documents\Class but you can put them in a different folder if you wish.


© Copyright, DuoSoft.

The book and the exercise files are copyright.  The copyright is owned by DuoSoft.

You may only download these files if you have purchased the book for which we developed the exercise files. Once you have downloaded the files, you may only use the files for the purpose of performing  the exercises in the book.

You are not allowed to sell, redistribute or transfer the files to any other person unless they are transferred to that person with  the original copy of the associated book.

Two  series of books

We have two series of books. Click on the link for the series you  want:

Download instructions

Click here for the instructions on how to download the exercise files.

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