Superior courseware for popular PC software

We have courseware for the software that everyone uses (and teaches). This includes Microsoft software (such as Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) and MYOB software.

Our courseware is more comprehensive than that of our competitors we have more explanations and more exercises.

Product ranges

We have two product ranges:

Each manual in the Professional Range is designed to teach you about a particular software product. You will learn the features you need to know when using the software in an office environment.

The Curriculum Range is designed to satisfy the requirements of Australian national standards such as the Business Services Training Package, BSB01. These are the standards used by TAFE colleges, private colleges and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) throughout Australia.

Advantages of DuoSoft courseware

  • Quality we have a reputation for superior quality training manuals
  • Comprehensive we explain each feature and put it all into context
  • Easy-to-follow we use a clear step-by-step style
  • Practical there are lots of hands-on exercises, case studies and tips
  • Presentation distinctive modern layout with lots of diagrams and screen captures
  • Flexible suits various formats including full-day, half-day, evening, self-paced or classes over a term
  • Value for money the manuals are packed full of useful information

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